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Smoking cannabis every now and then can be very pleasent and put you in a certain vibe. Smoking every now and then hasn’t proven to be risky or dangerous healthwise. It is however possible to get addicted to cannabis. The level of THC in cannabis has grown over the years and therefore it’s getting harder to quit smoking cannabis. Heavy users can even experience withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, shaking or agitated behavour. Best Friends want to help everyone that experiences problems caused by smoking cannabis. Therefore this page. 

You probably are addicted if u

  • Are using for the wrong reasons
  • Are using at improper moments (work, school, parenting)
  • Are placing smoking cannabis before important things in life

Welknown symptoms of addiction are

  • Problems with health, relationship and finance
  • Withdrawal of your social life
  • Thought of NEEDING cannabis
  • Needing cannabis to relax and chill
  • Problems with your short-term memory
  • Problems with concentrating
  • Problems with your balance

Why quiting cannabis can be good for you

  • Feeling more clear of thoughts
  • Less postponing and being more active
  • Better health
  • Improvement of short-term memory
  • Better performance at school and work
  • Less costs
  • Grow in duration of deep-sleep (real rest)

Who can help me quit cannabis?