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27 juli 2021

My daily shot of culture

My daily shot of culture is addicted to culture, you probably are too. Every day they jump out of bed to make more people  enthusiastic about art and culture. Whether...

first cannabis graduate
21 juli 2021

First medical Cannabis degree USA

The University of Maryland in May graduated its first class enrolled in its master’s program for medical marijuana studies. The program, the first of its kind in the nation, is...

14 juli 2021

Changing the Cannabis Conversation

July 11, 2021 was the date of the flight due Richard Branson to the edge of space aboard a rocket-powered vehicle developed by his space tourism company. Richard Branson also...

6 juli 2021

Weed of Wonder: The Book

Explore the world of Cannabis in the book Weed of Wonder, a comprehensive illustrated guide to the history of Cannabis. Seasoned Cannabis champions, curious newbies, counterculture aficionados, hemp historians, and anyone wanting to discover...

1 juli 2021

Highlife Magazine: A Future proof sector

  A future-proof coffeeshop sector If the cannabis experiment is deemed successful, then legalization of the cannabis chain could, in principle, be rolled out across the entire country. According to...

30 juni 2021

Cannabis for medical purposes in France

In recent months the “wellness” derivative, CBD, has become something of a green Eldorado. So where exactly is the line between therapeutic, medical and recreational use? France24 takes a closer...

De Nachtwacht
24 juni 2021

The Night Watch made of hemp?

Many famous paintings such as Rembrandt van Rijn’s Nachtwacht were painted on canvases made of hemp. In fact, the word canvas even comes from the word cannabis. The strength and...