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Amsterdam in the 70's
9 juni 2021

Some Dutch History

The vital role the Netherlands has played over the last five decades by providing a safe haven both for cannabis plants and for cannabis people.

8 juni 2021

Amazon Gives the Green Light to Marijuana

Online retail giant Amazon nixes drug tests for marijuana and announces support for cannabis policy reform. Online retail powerhouse Amazon announced on Tuesday that it would support efforts to legalize...

2 juni 2021

Cannabis and Hospitality Training

This month we started with a training for our Best Friends Staff. The Cannabis and Good Hospitality Training is an on-the-job training for our Cannacenter employees. Coffeeshop employees have a...

26 mei 2021

Hemp product design

The first time Jory Swart heard of Dutch hemp cultivation, he immediately thought of soft drugs. “But when I looked into it, I found that hemp was already used in...

18 mei 2021

The Therapeutic Potential of CBD

Ryan Crane is a cannabis entrepreneur with a background in neuroscience and a passion for performance optimization. His TEDxChicago talk gives an entertaining explanation of the science behind cannabis, as...