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King’s Day won’t take to the streets this year, but that doesn’t mean it’s cancelled. All across Amsterdam people will be staying in, but living it up. It has been a long month and we could all use something to celebrate. So, wherever you are in the world, join the (house) party with this do-it-yourself King’s Day kit sure to transform your day at home into a royally good time.


Over the years, people created a copious amount of techniques to inhale their beloved strains of ganja. In other words, there are various methods to attain the high enthusiasts are looking for.


Jennie Lena

Jennie Lena Amsterdam Empty Streets Coffeeshop Amsterdam
1 april 2020

Check out this Jennie Lena video clip. Empty streets in Amsterdam. Never seen before!!


Yesterday the Amsterdam Coffeeshops we're re-opened by the mayor. There are a few rules and guidelines to keep in mind while moving through our city. Check it out here. Stay strong friends


Open Again!!

17 maart 2020

After being closed by the government yesterday because of the corona virus, we've just reopened again.