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19 april 2021

Are you familiar with 420?

If you’re a fan, it’s likely that you will be familiar with the number 420 (pronounced “four twenty”) and by extension the date April 20th, which in the US calendar...

Cannabis-Separating the Science Hype
14 april 2021

Cannabis: Separating the Science from the Hype

Mara Gordon is the co-founder of Aunt Zelda’s™, The Oil Plant, Calla Spring Wellness, and Zelda Therapeutics. She specializes in the development of cannabis treatment protocols for seriously ill patients...

5 april 2021

Alaina Castillo – INDICA

Castillo has written her fair share of love songs, but her latest is a love letter to—you guessed it—Indica. “If I want to write something vibey, then I’ll start smoking,”

cannabis testing Device Best Friends amsterdam
24 maart 2021

Sharing Knowledge. Gemmacert & Best Friends

In our ever growing effort to improve our business, we've reached out to Gemmacert for a collaboration. A first line of defense and a brand new source of information for Best Friends. A good and constantly testing partner for Gemmacert.