Best Friends

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In the year 1995, two best friends figured there was a need and opportunity to create a safe smoking haven within the city of Amsterdam. Soon after, the two mentioned and soon to become founders took matters into their own hands and started a company. The name became clear to them, as it fitted the concept. The now well known: Best Friends.

Their first establishment opened in the East of Amsterdam, on the Molukkenstraat in the Indische Buurt to be precise. During the first opening hours, a large portion of smoking locals visited, and were happily surprised with the quality/price ratio of the goods provided by Best Friends! Thus, Best Friend became the new main smoking hub for the surrounding neighborhood. Offering a relaxing smoking area with quality and dependable strains. One particular strain caught the public’s eye, Snow White. It was, and remains, a Best Friends staple. Because of it’s fair, if not low price and high quality.

Success continued, spreading the word to many locals (what we like to call “Amsterdammers”) in the city. Shaping Best Friends into what it is today. Skipping forward, Best Friends now holds three branches in the East, South and Centre of the city. Do you want to stop by? Then you are most welcome! The staff will be happy to help you, and answer any question like true friends!

Best Friends Oost

Best Friends Oost, the original Best Friends, is located in the East of Amsterdam. The doors opened in 1995, and haven’t closed to this day. For many years now, Best Friends has served the public with a smile, making friends all around.

When visiting Best Friends East, you can discover various shops on the Java- and Molukkenstraat. Drink some coffee or have some food on Javaplein and enjoy the rich area Best Friends likes to call home! Best Friends Oost is a take away Coffeeshop

Niasstraat 1
1095 TS Amsterdam
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 01:00 Everyday

Best Friends Centre

The second branch of Best Friends is located in the centre of Amsterdam, de Negen Straatjes, in the heart of the city. Since 2011 and on, this establishment has seen tourists, travellers, local shoppers and many more. Offering a clean, cozy smoking area for people to enjoy after (or before) a long day in Amsterdam.

Coffeeshop Best Friends Amsterdam

This is the place to meet people from all over the world. While being comforted with relaxing music and catered by friendly staff, you will feel right at home! The city centre has much to offer, come visit, and explore our small but huge capital!

Huidenstraat 13
1016 ER Amsterdam
Opening Hours: 08:30 – 01:00 Everyday

Best Friends Oud-Zuid

The third and final location is Best Friends Oud-Zuid, which can be found in the South of Amsterdam. It is close to the southern entrance to the biggest park in the city, Vondelpark, where plenty of good smoking spots can be found. Best Friends added their newest addition in 2018. This is by far the biggest Best Friends Coffeeshop and was renovated in the fourth quarter of 2019. coffeeshop vondelpark cannacenter amsterdam best coffeeshops vondelpark

Oud-Zuid is surrounded with beautiful architecture, shops and fun activities. Oud-Zuid, like Oost, is a Takeaway shop.

Amstelveenseweg 61H
1075 VV Amsterdam
Opening hours: 07:00 – 01:00 Everyday

We hope to see you soon. You can find info on the website and keep contact through facebook and instagram. #bfamsterdam