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22 years ago two Best Friends decided to open a safe haven for smokers in the east part of Amsterdam. On the Molukkenstraat they started coffeeshop Best Friends. Everyone from the neighbourhood came over and bought that good gear. Everyday was fun and soon the good word spread. The vibe, the quality and prices were the best in town and soon coffeeshop Best Friends was found by every ‘amsterdammer’. Snow White was the main product and everyone new where to get it. The costumers grew in numbers and nowadays Best Friends is known far, far out of Amsterdam.

Coffeeshop Best Friends Centrum

5 years ago Best Friends opened up a completely new shop in the city centre. Best Friends Centre is a cosy shop where you can chill and have some of the cities best gear. Where Best Friends East turned into a take-away shop, you can take your time in the centre. The staff is more than happy to answer every question you might have. Coffeeshop Best Friends Centre is a place to make new friends and where you’ll feel right at home.

We hope to see you soon. You can find info on the website and keep contact through facebook and instagram. #bfamsterdam



18 februari 2020

Nederwiet We in the Netherlands have helped producing the best types of weed.  A hemp strain means that the plant has an annual cycle and is dioecious, which means that...